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Paola is a highly-experienced vocal teacher and coach with over 15 years of professional experience, in a variety of educational establishments as well as with private clients inside and outside of the music industry. Paola is always working on a variety of projects, from community based to the professional, choirs and at music institutions throughout Europe. Paola also facilitates and runs vocal workshops and international masterclasses.


As well as the focus on performance, singing lessons can teach you to communicate musically and be a creative self-sufficient performer, whether you choose to work with a band or with backing tracks. Tuition with Paola combines technical and stylistic performance with the opportunity to acquire a range of essential practical skills in harmony and ear training, songwriting, arranging, and music technology.


Skills to be learnt with Paola can include:


Breathing and support     

Improving range and power   



Agility including "licks" and "adlibs'     

Tone quality and variety     

Pitching and control     

Vocal performance - phrasing, expression, dynamics     


Stylistic techniques

zoom lessons also available

Paola's broad experience has seen her working with all kinds of vocalists, both professional and amateur, helping students progress students with one to one vocal coaching, tour and performance preparation, artist development. Whether you are looking to work on improving your technique, confidence, breathing, stage craft or even just looking to perfect your pronunciation - we're here to help.


Paola also works for music industry clients as a Vocal Producer: assisting singers during the recording process, equipping them to deliver their best recorded performances.

Lessons are available in English and French.

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