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Our bodies and voices say it all. Listeners respond well to open body language, good posture, grounded vocal production and confident delivery with a slow and steady pace, resonant timbre and good mid-range pitch. All of these components can be learned. Through awareness and practice, the sounds our voices habitually create can be altered - strengthened and projected whist still sounding natural and feeling free.

our voice and body not only influence the way people experience us, but also how we feel about ourselves.












Is this training for you?

  • Do you sometimes experience a trembling voice, a tight throat, pitch going high or speaking fast in the beginning of your presentations?

  • Do you sometimes sound less confident and you feel your voice does not reflect your competence?

  • Does your body posture and movement change or feel out of control when you feel nervous?

  • Do you have a ‘soft voice’ and struggle to project your voice to be heard in a bigger room?

  • Do people sometimes misunderstand what you are feeling from the tone of your voice? for example you sound angry when you are not?

  • Are you often asked to repeat yourself because your voice is difficult for people to understand?

 What Will You Learn?

  • Improve your voice to sound professional, polished and powerful

  • Project a clear, confident, and credible voice

  • Develop a deeper, fuller and more mature voice which embodies authority

  • Increase your volume properly without shouting

  • Slow down your speaking rate without constantly reminding yourself

  • Breathing techniques to project your voice properly

  • Speak for hours without straining your throat


To give you fundamental techniques that can be learnt quickly and instantly applied to your work. You’ll learn the basics of how the voice works and identify areas for development, such as register, breath and timbre. We then create a bespoke set of exercises, tailored to your individual needs.

With a bit of training and practice, most people can learn to feel more confident in speaking and use their voice more effectively. This can be very helpful in situations when we need to be heard, and can be especially important in times of stress or when we're feeling out of our comfort zone, perhaps during public speaking, difficult conversations and interviews.

We can gain better control and communicate more effectively, even within just a few coaching sessions and applied practice.


To book a Public Speaking or Singing Workshop for your or your company please contact Paola directly to discuss your needs, goals, timeframe and budget.


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